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  • Chaouen - Les couleurs que j'adore

  • Chaouen - Un village hors du temps

  • Chaouen - Village perché

  • Chaouen - Village perché

  • Chaouen - Traditions séculaires

  • Chaouen - Le Bleu est partout

Why Chaouen ?

It gets its name from a traveller who fell hopelessly in love with Morocco and this little village is at 600 m high at the bottom of the Rif Mountains.

Achawen means "horns" in Berber, and again gets it´s name from the towering mountains which surround the village.

From Marrakech, I have recalled wonderful colours that have inspired the decoration of this gîte.

With all my memories and collected treasures, I have restored and furnished this farm for your leisure, for it to be as warm and welcoming as the Moroccan Kasbahs.

Thank you to ournew visitors.